Trump’s Boy Scout Lies Are The Most Embarrassing Things About Him

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It is actually probably worse, and more embarrassing, that Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about the world, about history, about culture, about how economies work (as detailed by Slate’s Jordan Weissman), or really about anything. But for some reason his little idiotic lies are what bother me the most, because it reveals the absolute rot in his heart, and therefore, the rot in a system that both created and empowered such a ridiculous turnip.


In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, President Donald Trump said the Boy Scouts called him after his highly criticized speech at the National Jamboree and told him it was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.”

But the Boy Scouts told Time that officials are unaware of that phone call.

“The Chief Scout Executive’s message to the Scouting community speaks for itself,” the organization told Time, referring to a statement a top Boy Scouts executive made last week after backlash against Trump’s speech, which critics equated to a campaign rally.

That’s just so humiliating, that the President would just make up a phone call entirely so that he could impress people, and that the Boy Scouts have to say “nope, didn’t happen.” His grasping need to impress you with all the people who say he’s great is put into even more stark relief against the backdrop of his Presidency. You’re super powerful, dude. You don’t have to make up stories.

But that’s who he is. He’s the biggest liar American public life has ever known. He lies instinctually, because he thinks the truth exists entirely to serve him. There isn’t a word he says that is true.

That’s why one of the few cold comforts of these days is that the alt-right Red Pill idiots, the ones who unironically use the word “sheeple” and who pride themselves on being the only ones who see the truth, were suckered entirely in by the most obvious conman in American history.  You really saw through the Matrix, guys!

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