What We’re Doing

Shooting Irrelevance is a blog designed to cut through some of the clutter.  The goal here is not to react to every news story, to get caught up in media cycles, to fall into argument with the momentary passions that are soon forgotten.   I mean, we probably will, but that isn’t the point.  The point is to just have a place to jabber on culture, on politics, on the environment, on media, on anything, in a thoughtful and non-hysteric way.  We’re most interested in politics, foreign policy, labor stuff, and the Great Lakes, which are awesome.  I hope you enjoy, comment, and bring your own perspectives to the blog.   Stick around, make yourself at home.  There should be beer in the fridge.

Or wait- there isn’t.  But there should be.  Right?

If’n you’d like, please follow me at @oneillofchicago, and I promise I won’t clog up your feed, since I am not very good at Twitter. You can also Like me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ShootingIrrelevance

One thought on “What We’re Doing

  1. Happy New Year, Brian.

    Hope you’re well. You’re going to get some shock soon. Notionally, a political one but it will be a deeply spiritual and intellectual revelation as well. I wish you well with that. They will be hard but rewarding yards.


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