Quick Hits and Weekend Reads on our post-Priebus Friday


Reince just lost a turf battle to this guy. Good for him- he deserves it.

1) Man, I don’t even know what to talk about this week. Let’s talk about Reince, who was just pushed out after losing a turf battle with the human incarnation of an $8 tip on a $400 bill.

I remember when Reince was first elected the chairman of the GOP in 2011, because it seemed impossible that he was real. He won by bragging that he owned eight guns, or at least that’s all I remembered beside the name. He was a weakling and a sniveling toady, the perfect embodiment of modern Wisconsin, a Kenosha kid who took it upon himself to make the lives of those he grew up around harder. With Scott Walker and Paul Ryan, he helped ruin a good state.

His legacy is presiding over the GOP as it tipped from gibbering into full madness, as he helped stoke powerful forces of anger and atavism, failed to stand up to Trump, and then enabled his every idiocy. No sympathy for the petty manner of his dismissal or his loss to a guy who thinks that calling the New Yorker means the assumption of off-the-record. He’s a terrible person who deserves fully every humiliation.

This is nice, though. Wikipedia is cold, man. This was up like 45 seconds after the news broke.


2) That reminds me: we started this week mostly talking about Jeff Sessions. Remember that? How Trump was pushing him out? (Can you believe the Mooch interview came out like 25 hours ago?)  There’s been some sympathy for Sessions because Trump has treated him so poorly, but remember that Jeff Session deserves much, much worse.

That’s the one nice thing about Trump ritually humiliating and abusing everyone around him. Choosing to be around Trump is proof that you are an asshole, and deserve to be ritually abused and humiliated. I can’t wait for it to happen to Mooch.

3) This week, we talked about the tragedy of Cairo, Illinois. I was honored to be linked by Avram Grynszpan at Ruminations in an Emergency (great name), who has been doing great work on Cairo. For more background on what is happening there, and why, please head on over to his joint. He is also more action-oriented on what we can to to help Cairo. The whole blog is really interesting, so make it a destination.


Image result for quiet library

Nah, go nuts

Looking for a few reads? Well, here you go.

  • If you like baseball, here’s a cool and fun Deadspin article on players who have had two separate Hall of Fame careers, by WAR. That is to say, if you took like their first ten years and second ten years, both would be HoF worthy, or at least in consideration. I think most people would be surprised to see Alex Rodriguez on here, though you shouldn’t be. He was so good and none of you cared. It’s also fun to remember how great Rickey Henderson was, and gape in awe again at Babe Ruth.
  • Less fun, but super important: Katherine Zimmerman at Critical Threats (An AEI joint, showing my political ecumenicism) has an excellent report, originally published in a statement to the House Homeland Security Committee Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence on how al-Qaeda is strengthening by consistently adapting its approach and methods while still focusing on the primary goals. They are still thinking long-term, whereas ISIS thinks short (a position with which this blog is sympathetic). She wants US policy-makers to understand this persistent and pervasive threat, as well as the threat of Salafi-jihadism, which as she says “predates” either group and “will generate another transnational organization if they are defeated.”  It’s a good global look at the movement, and while I would be interested to see how she thinks ISIS impacted AQ (even just by altering the landscape of the ideas of its recruits), it is a sober and thoughtful and comprehensive report.
  • Timothy Garton-Ash, that great observer of political change in Europe, is strangely optimistic about the Anglo-American world’s ability to rebound from the intertwined Trump/Brexit madness. Well, at least, he sees it as a possible future, which is better than me on most days. He also produces a great line: “The transcript of Trump’s recent interview with the “failing” New York Times reveals the egocentric, superficial stream-of-consciousness disorder of his mind: Leopold Bloom meets the National Enquirer.”
  • A video! This isn’t reading at all! Looks like old man O’Neill is pivoting to the future! Don’t get too excited, because this is about parking, or rather, the madness of how we’ve designed cities around parking and minimum requirements. It doesn’t get into how the auto industry influenced these decisions, which meant that our towns are unwalkable, but that short-sightedness is demonstrated. This is a minor obsession around here, and this short video is a great introduction to the issue. It seems obscure, but it gets to the heart of how we live and interact with our lived environment. And the expert in it is awesome.

Have a great weekend, everyone. Let’s see if we can get through a weekend without a disaster.

6 thoughts on “Quick Hits and Weekend Reads on our post-Priebus Friday

  1. The Eternal Anxiety of Being Paid in Yankee Coin.

    Excellent weekend reads suggestions!

    I’ll dip into two of em.


    He’ll run out of people to sack or denigrate on Twitter, eventually.

    But Brian. Your thoughts on that link?

    That sanctions bill, if he signs it, could sink the Dollar.

    How can aligning the Euro’s with the Russians be a plus for our cherished Freedom Tokens? Worried.

  2. Hey Sean- interesting article. It’s just another sign of the US being increasingly distant. That this is happening despite Trump’s wishes is even more indicative. It isn’t just his toxicity; he’s more of a grotesque exaggeration of trends, but not an aberration. But I’m actually not sure what I think about the aggressive sanctions. It won’t isolate Russia, as the Euro article makes clear. It’ll isolate the US. If it could be coupled with aggressive pipeline politics in the Stans and around the Caspian, bringing in Turkish routes, it could be a smart move against Russia, but there is no real indication of that. (Not even saying I think Russia should be isolated, but if that’s what they want, they’re cocking it up anyway). Thanks for the link. Just one more thing to worry about. =)

  3. Sean.

    I eventually made it to the moving picture house (the first time this year cause it’s a superhero cultural ghetto), VIP action no less, which is highly recommended, for Dunkirk.

    With my French flatmate.

    She was a bit put out by it. Cursing the poster Anglo spelling etc on the way in and I was ready to go to my happy place. They’re only snobs, etc.

    But she was even more put out after it cause every French character in it was either begging for a rescue or a possible traitor and murderer, which, to be honest, was fair nuff, upon reflection.

    I checked. As is my Google right, and she actually has a point. The French did fight desperately and fatalistically, which allowed the Brit’s to fight for another day, etc. ‘On the beaches…blah blah.’

    But they never got the credit for it.


    Your thoughts?

  4. Replying to myself here, Bone, sorry not Sean. Got this WebPress interface is horrible.

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