Voter Suppression In New York! Or, The Revolution Has Gone Mad


Remember 2008? As it became clear that Barack Obama was going to win the nomination, Hillary Clinton and her supporters become more fervent that not only would he not, but that he was a weak candidate who couldn’t possibly beat the Republicans (Hillary less so than her supporters and surrogates, honestly). To me, the culmination of this nonsense was when she won West Virginia in mid-May. It was a rout, and the Clinton camp used that to argue that they were better positioned to win in November, because, as the candidates said “I’m winning Catholic voters and Hispanic voters and blue-collar workers and seniors, the kind of people that Sen. McCain will be fighting for in the general election.”

Those of us in the Obama camp were obviously incredulous. There was no way that she was going to win West Virginia in November. Winning the Democratic primary there was about as valuable as in Idaho or Wyoming, places that wouldn’t go blue if a Democrat promised to make potatoes our new currency. She was losing the popular vote, states won, and total voters. There was no case that she should be the nominee.

So basically, this is kind of weird mirror year, no?

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In which we concede to germs…


“You’ve been cleaning your hands all wrong. The World Health Organization recommends a 6-step, 42.5 second technique for applying hand sanitizer.” 

You know what, double that. Better yet, make it five minutes. Quit your job if you have to.

Congrats, germs! You win. No one has this kind of time. Even Howard Hughes would find it a distraction from his routine of growing his nails and murmuring. Hope you do a better job with the planet than we did.