Moran Needs To Get A Brain


Right-wing Kansas Republican Jerry Moran might be facing a primary because he had the temerity to suggest that he might consider voting “No” to Merrick Garland instead of rejecting him sight unseen. Moran flirted with the very far bounds of basic reasonableness, and had his hand chomped off.

No, Nixon Would Not “be drummed out of” Today’s GOP: He’d Be Running It


Note: Not particularly liberal!

If you are bemoaning how far lunatic right-wing today’s Republican Party has gotten- and you should bemoan it, on a little-read blog, if possible- then it is considered a smart thing to say that “Hell, Nixon would have been too liberal for them.” I don’t need to link to the thousands of times you’ve read this; the most recent example is this Salon article. It’s an interview with Evan Thomas, who has written a book about Nixon*.

Part of that was Democrats on Capitol Hill, but he believed that government had to govern. He passed as much social welfare legislation as Lyndon Johnson. He would get drummed out of the party today as a liberal.

That is true, at least in the beginning. He wasn’t a nihilist about governing. But saying that Nixon would have been too liberal is to ignore who Nixon actually was, or more accurately, how the modern GOP is the ravening child of his mutated vision. He wouldn’t be kicked out today: he would have be leading the charge, with a sense of victimhood and oppression that would make Ted Cruz look honest**.

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A Few Thoughts on The White Sox, Of Interest Only To Me

  1. 1-0! The Cubs aren’t the only first-place team in town!
  2. On more of an ontological level, nearly every season projection has had the Sox as a “possible surprise team”- that is, if things break right, they could be able to make the post-season. The questions that rise: is “consensus surprise pick” a logical impossibility? And is “possible surprise” so vague as to be entirely meaningless?
  3. On that, my prediction is that they’ll win somewhere between 78 and 130 games, depending on my mood and what is happening at any given moment. Adam Eaton gets hit by a pitch in the first? Big on-base team this year! Caught stealing two batters later? We’re not going to score any runs. The joy of baseball is that it is a long a long and languid season, punctuated by impossible excitement, and that the moment-to-moment doesn’t matter, but you can’t convince my imagination of that.
  4. The defense already seems markedly better. Yes, the smallest possible sample size, and yes, this is just the anecdotal eye test, but come on. It can’t be any worse than in 2015, unless a new punitive MLB rule forbids the outfield from wearing gloves.
  5. I have no idea yet if Brett Lawrie is a delightful goon or an obnoxious hypercaffeinated bro. Maybe both? It’s the Swisher Variance.
  6. Jimmy Rollins can still move, man. I hope that when I’m 37 I still have most of my speed. (Note: I am, and nope)
  7. Another nice thing about baseball is that you can flip and watch a bonkers awesome basketball ending and not miss much of your game. Unfortunately, because I was only watching intermittently, I didn’t realize I had the “UNC broadcast” and couldn’t figure out why they were only focusing on their crestfallenness. I was actually angry- are there not any Villanova fans, I complained bitterly to my wife- and conjuring up all sorts of nonsense bias scenarios. Along with speed, a sense of proportion and rationality is the first thing to go.