Former Trump Supporter Shocked That Trump is Trump



Stephanie Cegielski, former Communications Director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC, penned a missive in xoJane about why she can’t support Trump anymore. It basically boils down to no one thought Trump could win, and that he would be a great candidate to shake up the system. She was tired of the direction the country was taking, and thought this would be a great start.

The Trump camp would have been satisfied to see him polling at 12% and taking second place to a candidate who might hold 50%. His candidacy was a protest candidacy.

You’ll excuse me, but that’s nonsense. I’m sure there were some pros who thought that, but at no point did Donald Trump think he wasn’t going to win. There is a convenient narrative among former supporters that this was a lark, and that Trump is as surprised as anyone. He might not have thought it would be this easy, but Donald Trump doesn’t think he is going to lose. Even when he does- which is often- he immediately spins it in his head as a win of such towering genius that it’s like a billion times better than anyone has ever won.

Donald Trump was never a protest candidate, like Bernie Sanders was originally intended to be before his message found deep purchase. That wasn’t Trump. He assumed he would win. Cegielski’s other reasons for her initial support are equally unconvincing.

My support for Trump began probably like yours did. Similar to so many other Americans, I was tired of the rhetoric in Washington. Negativity and stubbornness were at an all-time high, and the presidential prospects didn’t look promising.

So, you don’t like negative people without a solution, and you stuck around past the rapist speech? This is nonsense. Trump was always a bitter, mean, vulgar, spiteful megalomaniac who never once expressed a positive thought that didn’t revolve around his own world-historic conquerings. Hell, half his introduction speech was spent talking about how much richer he was than Mitt Romney.

To say that Trump now is different than the Trump of June 2015, or that it wasn’t clear that he was always going to be this way, is self-serving in the extreme. It was always clear that he was an ignorant blowhard: he has been his entire life.

Cegielski’s note is to Trump supporters, so it has some value. It isn’t a mea culpa but a note of warning to them that their hero is a false one. But assuming that a woman (!) who has scorned Trump (!!) will be listened to shows that she has just as little awareness of what Trump is, and what is fueling him, as she did all those starry months ago, at the innocent beginning, when calling for a wall around Mexico was a springish lark. How could it have gotten so bad?

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