2016, Non-Political Nutshell

Re/Code has a interesting short interview with a professional “influencer”, someone who has mastered new media and has brands and companies clamoring for her to talk about them. There’s no snark here- these people work hard, understand the way the world works, and have created their own niche. Any curmudgeonliness that seeps through is due only to my inability to do any of those three. It’s just interesting how what even 10 years ago would have seemed like gibberish is now increasingly important.

Re/code: Hi, Taryn! Tell me what it is you do, exactly.

Taryn Southern: I’m a content creator, digital strategist and “internetainerpreneur.”[Ed. note: This is what it says on her business card.]

So what does that mean?

I create video content from development to execution to marketing. I do it for my personal channel, for media companies and brands.