A few notes on tonight

  1. Caveat on the last long post: I mostly ignored Cruz. He is of course part of this movement and a pure creature of it, but is coming at it from a slightly different angle. If he wins Oklahoma, and puts some pressure on Trump, that’ll be worth discussing, but right now he can’t even carry most evangelicals.
  2. Things I Am Looking Forward To Tonight #1: Rubio making it close in Virginia (Fairfax and Arlington might help him get over the top, but he still might be too far away) and making a sweeping victory speech for coming in 2nd in one state. Even if he eeks out a win, it’ll still be wonderful to hear him say he’s going to ride this to the White House. A small win in the most favorable state!
  3. Things I Am Looking Forward To Tonight #2: Bernie winning in Massachusetts and his supporters trying to delicately argue that Hillary can only win states with large black populations. It’ll be a neat flip of 2008 when the Clinton camp tried to do the same with Obama. Of course that’s garbage, like it was in 2008. Equally garbage is the idea that most Bernie voters will sit out, scorned (something Hillary supporters said in 2008). Maybe some will, but not enough. Especially if it’s Trump.
  4. Hillary is being very smart about running for Obama’s 3rd term. That’ll bring out a lot of voters who want to protect his legacy, especially if Trump spends the next 8 months saying what a disastrous loser, and totally ineffective guy, Obama has been. Because I think a lot of us, black and white, will rise as one, and say: fuck that.

Super Tuesday: The Night The Myth Of Movement Conservativism Died

It’s a little after 6:00, Central Time, and the earliest polls in this strange Super Tuesday are beginning to come in. Some places are already calling Georgia for Donald Trump. This is not surprising, but is a state which some said held out hope for young Marco Rubio, the marshmallow savior for voters who think George W Bush was too intellectually engaged.

Today is also known as the SEC Primary, taking place as it does largely in the south. SEC is a nice modern way to put it, how we paint the New South, still idiosyncratic, but tucked away into the warm belt of the corporate/media nexus. It would be impolite though to call this what it really is: the Confederacy Primary. More than any other year since at least 1972, however, the Confederacy is dominating our politics, in the bizarre avatar of a know-nothing billionaire demagogue from New York. It’s a Southern kind of day in a Southern kind of year, and it exposes, for once and for all, the myth of the conservative movement, revealing what it always has been: a vehicle for atavistic rage, well-armed ignorance, xenophobia, and most prominently, white nationalism. There’s a straight line between William Buckley and Donald Trump, and the media’s inability or unwillingness to recognize it has led us to this calamity.

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