The Chicago Tribune Has Lost Its Damn Mind



His ghost rests easy…

For decades, throughout its entire history, the Chicago Tribune was maybe the newspaper world’s towering bastion of Republicanism. It made the transition from Lincoln’s radicalism to Coolidge-ian Babbitry to Goldwater radicalism to Nixon/Reagan hippie-bashing (its editorials in praise of the police in ’68 were legendary), all the way through to George Bush. In 2008, Barack Obama was the first Democrat it ever endorsed, and they did so again in 2012. This, of course, was enough for its white revanchist commentariat to proclaim it the most liberal rag this side of Pravda. So it seems that the Trib is trying to erase the stigmata of reasonableness, and let the bewildered ghost of Colonel McCormick nap peacefully in his grave.

This morning, the Tribune gave us its endorsements in the primaries: Marco Rubio in the GOP side, and no one for the Democrats. Its reasons for doing so are a master class in absurdity.

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