In The 21st Century, Water is War


Dried reservoir in the Crimea. Image from Al Jazeera


War has always been about submission. In the 21st century, it becomes easier than ever.

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Good News, for Once

We’ll finish the morning with good news.

  1. The far-right nationalist candidate actually lost in Austria, a rare victory for the forces trying to protect liberal democracy. Also: Austria! That has some special resonance. Maybe they saw the Brexit/Trump victories and realized, well, let’s not do this too. It’s a minor drop, but maybe the reaction to the reactionaries can gather some steam.
  2.  Dakota Access blocked! Despite this blog’s obsession with water, I haven’t really had much to say. But this is a triumph: dedicated activists protesting peacefully to protect water, indigenous rights, and to stand up against a corporate/government axis that used both unaccountable private security (who are never called thugs by the right people, you know?) and military/police action. It’s a stirring victory (even if it is a temporary one) for those who believe that public land and shared heritage means something, and have more weight than private profit.

Colorado River Water Rights And The Common Good: What’s On The Plate For Who Wins Tomorrow


In 2014, people were very excited about a trickle of the Colorado reaching the sea. To recap, this should be something normal; not a cause for excitement.

No matter who wins, there are enormous issues that aren’t even around the corner, but are rushing directly at us. That’s why is matters who wins.

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