The Goofiest or the Most Frightening Thing You’ll Read In The Next Few Minutes


(Original title was going to be “…read all day”, but events have a way of rapidly making such pronunciations seem ill-sighted.)

So, it appears that Trump was very, very unhappy with how Melissa McCarthy made Sean Spicer look on Saturday Night Livemostly because it was accurate, one assumes. For a figure of such easy and consistent ridicule, Trump has the idea that image is everything. So people in the White House are nervous for Spicer’s future, as well they should be, since it is true that very few will be able to see Spicer without thinking of McCarthy’s evisceration.

But how did the White House staff really know how Trump felt? Well, they read the tea leaves like old Kremlinologists.

Trump’s uncharacteristic Twitter silence over the weekend about the “Saturday Night Live” sketch was seen internally as a sign of how uncomfortable it made the White House feel.

That’s right: they knew something was wrong because the President of the United States didn’t tweet his displeasure with a comedy show. That’s how they knew he was really rattled. That was a sign something was up.

That’s our President.

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