Ghosts in the Machine: A Review of George Saunders’s Lincoln in the Bardo

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The brilliant novel by George Saunders is about memory and pain and the ghosts that make us who we are, as people, and as a nation. It is a novel that is stunningly important for the now. 

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Briefly Noted

Yesterday on Twitter, I noted that Stephen Miller liking a David Duke tweet about Pizzagate might be the perfect crystallization of our moment, which is equal parts psychopath and nitwit.

Thinking about that, it occurred to me this morning, with a juddering sort of start, that there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people in this country who think the evidence that Hillary Clinton and John DePodesta run a child prostitution ring out of DC pizza joint is, at the least, compelling enough to look into, but believe that the fact every one of Trump’s major advisors has either emotional, political, or financial ties to Putin’s Russia, and that his administration has thus far been extremely pro-Russia, is conspiratorial gibberish.

Life is really something, huh?