RNC Liveblogging Day 2: The Roll Call

It’s the roll call, which means…well, it means dumb nativism, screeching, some controversy, and, most weird, the fact that at some point, later than usual, the 1237 will be crossed, and then Donald Trump will be the nominee. It’s really happening.

5:39: Probably shouldn’t be this close. I mean, it isn’t close, but it still doesn’t look great for party unity. The unbound delegates aren’t moving to Trump, as they normally do for the sake of unanimity. This isn’t a disaster, but the optics aren’t great.

The only real drama so far was when DC’s delegate all went to Trump, even though it was 10-9 between him and Cruz. But, you know, Republicans don’t really care about DC.

Alaska was also upset about all their delegates going to Trump. RIght now, Kentucky is trying really hard to be the most right-wing, by saying that their citizens still respect God and the military and the police officers. They might have been topped by Idaho, who claimed that they are “so republican, during the pledge of allegiance we say “and to the Republicans for which is stands,” which, hahaha, go pound sand, man.

More after the jump.

5:43: The Maine guy is really trying hard to say that Maine is the new bastion of New England Republicanism, which is neat, I guess, if you want a region full of Cujo’s and Mist.

5:51. Already at Nevada and not at 1237. Even though you knew it was going to happen, it still looks bad. And even though you know he’s going to clinch, it is drawn out, and no one seems truly excited. There will be stamping and stomping when he goes over of course. But this is not what you want your convention to be.

5:53: Do “Blue Lives Matter” in Nevada? That seems antithetical to the whole thing, right?

5:55: Lewandowski! Muted cheers. What a strange year he’s had. Can he be doing this? Is he still on CNN? What the hell sort of clownshow is this? He looks like he’s shouting through barely-clenched tears, like the barker who knows his Seal Lady was just diagnosed with Stage 4 leukemia.

5:59: So is New York going to put him over? That’ll be fun. Hope that convinces Trump that he can still win n NY.

6:01: New York passes! I actually don’t know what that means.

6:09: This is so subdued. Normally there is enormous cheering and stomping and excitement. So PA is letting NY put them over, which is nice, but does anyone think that is actually Trump territory?

6:13: And the crowd goes crazy! To, like, an extent.

6:14: The most desultory elevator version of “New York, New York” ever plays to a crowd that hates the city, and who can feel the embarrassment fluttering down on them like the suspended balloons. It’s like a Mennonite New Years.

(We’ll be back later, maybe, for some speechifying)

6:50: Wait, Alaska is arguing about their vote! Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus are standing up there like goons! This is fantastic. This polo-shirted Alaska dude has no patience for these suited Wisconsin tools.

This sure is a well-organized and professional party!



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