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Moving forward, I promise to spend less time on Trump, and more time on geopolitics, international relations, and, hopefully, literature and science and Great Lake diversions and cool stuff like that. Maybe more time spent making fun of Thomas Friedman, which is the lifeblood of any blogger. This blog wasn’t supposed to just be about the dirt of the campaign, but there’s something about the single-worst nomination in the history of this nation that’s just, well, gripping I guess, in the way that the mountain speeding toward the window of your cockpit has a certain fascination.

Bernie Sanders and the Limits of Non-Politics


How can you not love this guy? Well, there’s a way…


“I know that the Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They’re wrong,” Sanders said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from New Albany, Indiana. “Maybe it’s over for the insiders and the party establishment but the voters today in Indiana had a different idea.”

Here’s the problem with leading a revolution. Anything that is opposed to it is, by definition, counter-revolutionary. And it isn’t just that: opposition becomes the enemy of progress, it becomes and ill and evil thing. It falls short of perfection, and a revolution doesn’t want to live in a fallen world.

The Bernie Sanders campaign has been incredible. He has changed the tenor of the campaign, and pulled a cautious Hillary Clinton to the left. This is good for policy, of course, but it is also good politics. Forcing her to hedge on trade will be good in November, acolytes of “tacking to the center” be damned. Forcing her to the left on economic inequality will be an enormous boost in the generals, even if it makes pundits itch. Bernie has helped the country, and he has, so far, helped to make sure a Democrat beats Donald Trump.

But it won’t be him. All he can do now is make it harder for Hillary Clinton. And given what he’s done, that’s a damn shame. The legacy of this incredible campaign shouldn’t be the election of Donald Trump. The problem is that Bernie, and a lot of his supporters, seem to feel that math is damnably counter-revolutionary, and so it too must be fought against.

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