The Testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

Read it in full.

Read it an remember that she has no reason to lie under oath. Read it and remember that she knew her life would be forever turned upside down, and like Anita Hill, would be in history books as a victim. Read it and know that to think her lying outright she had to concede to have her life ruined in the hopes that a determined GOP majority would still refuse to confirm.

None of this is proof, of course. There isn’t, and won’t be, definitive proof unless Kavanaugh or Judge were to admit to it. But remember that when asked about this, Kavanaugh’s motivation for lying will be to save his job, to be promoted to lifetime tenure for the job he’s been being groomed toward for decades, and maybe even to save his marriage.

Dr. Ford’s incentives, if you believe her lying, are much harder to fathom.

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