McMaster Out, Kushner in Deep, Hope Hicks Whatever: Another Week in Chaos America


Even though I’ve known and hated Donald Trump for literally as far back as I can remember, in some 80s hazy grade school mist, there was a time I didn’t think about him every day. Sure, I’d mediate on his grotesque pointlessness if I saw a commercial for his dingdong show for idiots, or whenever Fox would air his disjointed ramblings, but I bet I could go weeks at a time without thinking of him.

It’s deeply painful to know that now I’ll probably think of him every day for like the rest of my life, no matter how this plays out. Some memory will pop into my head. That’s sort of what I mean by totalitarianism: this giant balloon in your brain that crowds out everything besides autonomic functions.

Sigh. Maybe I’ll just turn this blog into nothing but reviews of books published at least 50 years ago. But until then, another roundup…

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