Exciting VP Debate Advice! Make It About Pence, The Theocrat


“Once they get to know me I’m actually intensely unlikable.” -Mike Pence, opening lines to autobiography (“Feeling Pence-ive”)

The VP debate is usually a snoozer where white dudes exchange talking points about the top of the ticket. Kaine needs to make it white dudes talking about how Mike Pence’s vision of America is equally as scary as Trump’s. 

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Karen Greenberg’s Counterterrorism Reminder: Being Fearful Is Not Being Smart



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This might seem like a lot, but it should be noted that a mature democracy shouldn’t have any


What we’ve done to “keep us safe” has been not just immoral, but counterproductive. In hot seasons like this, it’s a reminder that our values aren’t to be shrugged off. 

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