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This land is our land.

With the resignation of Anthony Kennedy, you know the stakes. You know that abortion could soon be illegal in at least 33 states, if not nationwide. You know that we could see a return to the horrors of forced pregnancy or dangerous illegal procedures. You know this.

You know that the Supreme Court has in the last week solidified racial gerrymandering and tried to give a final death-blow to organized labor. You know they are marching lockstep with the GOP as they suppress votes and erase the gains of the Civil Rights movement in an effort to reinstate a new and even more inhuman Gilded Age.

We know that the foundations of America are crumbling, as a tacky authoritarian is coming into his own, his dim but on-point instincts pushing against the outlines of what he can do, expanding them. His Nitwit Nurembergs are getting sharper, more frequent, more blood-soaked and insane.

We know that a dangerous party has found its ultimate leader, a man with no respect for democracy, who can preeningly usher in everything they’ve fought for, because in his bones, he believes it. His pathologies and race hatreds match their goals, and his empty self-image as a great man matches their desire for a final plutocracy.

I feel despair and a sense of the bottom falling out. But also anger: white-hot, incandescent anger. And that anger has to turn into action.

If you’re like me, you sometimes don’t even know where to start. But there are place. The inimitable Amee Vanderpool has compiled a list, from volunteering for the DNC to marching to sending out postcards to voters (perfect for people who can’t do door-to-door or phonebanking).

(links in tweet go to other links for action)

Seriously, start today. We might not win, but this is the fight we have. You don’t get to choose the times you live in. You can only choose how you live in them.