We Need to Talk Really Quick About Maureen Dowd

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There isn’t much to say about her latest column, which is basically that Trump might not have the right temperament to be President. It’s not, you know, incorrect, but it is without any demonstrable insight. It’s pretty typical Maureen Dowd. I just wanted to point out this part, while reminding you that this is in the New York Times, and not, say, the dot-matrix printed community newsletter of a particularly rundown condo board.

The new president will suddenly realize that Joe Biden is right. He needs to grow up. Chuck Schumer is right. He has to stop nonsense-tweeting and name-calling. John McCain is right. He needs to stop fawning over Vladimir Putin, his B.F.F. whose eyes flash “K.G.B.”

Donald Trump will, at long last, assume a mantle of dignity.


Capitalization, and indeed, using a “not” joke that would have been hacky 25 years ago, are hers.

This has been your semi-regular reminder that Maureen Dowd is paid to do this.

APOLOGETIC UPDATE: As Diamond Mark Perrone pointed out, this was clearly a reference to Trump making a “NOT!” reference with Obama. Given the endless nonsense coming from him, I had forgotten about that. Given how hacky a writer Dowd is, I had assumed it was her “joke”. But this was not hacky. I retract my statement.

However, “his B.F.F. whose eyes flash ‘K.G.B.'” is hers.

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