Politico Confirms That Nothing Matters

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Hey, did you think the media might be reflecting on how they essentially enabled a white nationalist know-nothing wildly corrupt strongman by normalizing his insane flaws while focusing on 1) emails, and 2) the horserace? Well, fuck you, because they haven’t. They’ve gone even further to accept Trump’s essential distortions. 

Politico, which wins the morning and sets the tone, has two headlines where they show that catering to the new Trump way of doing things is all that matters.

One: Poll: Trump’s Popularity Soars After Election. 

An article using phrases like “dramatic uptick” and “honeymoon period”, and comparing him to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 barely glides over the fact that this SOARING gets him up to 46%, a historic low for an incoming President. It literally never mentions that, or even mentions, in passing, that less than half of Americans like this guy less than two weeks after the election. But we’re in Trump world now, where it is impolite and access-blocking to even mention that he lost the popular vote.

TwoNorth Carolina Governor Alleges Voter Fraud In Bid To Hang On

Vote-suppressing monster and Art Pope* meat puppet Pat McCrory lost his re-election. He’s now trying to stir up voter fraud allegations in nearly every district, and one by one, the Republican district leaders are saying “nope, no fraud.” But he’s hoping that he can stay on, because as Slate explains:

His real goal appears to be to delegitimize the results to such an extent that the state legislature—which holds a Republican supermajority—can step in and select him as the winner. North Carolina state law states that when “a contest arises out of the general election,” and that contest pertains “to the conduct or results of the election,” the legislature “shall determine which candidate received the highest number of votes” and “declare that candidate to be elected.” By alleging fraud, mishandling of ballots, and irregular vote-counting, McCrory is laying the groundwork for the legislature to proclaim that a “contest” has arisen as to “the conduct or results of the election.” At that point, it can step in, assert that McCrory received “the highest number” of legitimate votes, and “declare [him] to be elected.”

Yup, by saying that there is fraud, even though no one else does, he can create a situation where the legislature can say that the results can’t be trusted, and completely overturn the election. The brazen and entirely anti-democratic cynicism of this can’t be overstated. This isn’t “politics as usual”. As with voter suppression, it is an attempt to end politics.

One would think that the elite political media wouldn’t help out with this. You would think that knowing his strategy is to muddy the waters with absolute baseless lies would encourage publications like Politico not to aid and abet him by contributing to muddy those waters. You’d think that after the last election you’d have headlines where the truth mattered, maybe saying “McCrory Lies About Voter Fraud in Undemocratic Bid For Power.”

That’s not spin: that’s exactly what is happening. It’s spin to have a headline like the one they have. But knowing that the elite media doesn’t consider this spin is how they win, every time. They invent baseless controversy and trust their media puppets will report it as controversy. They know that the media will take the spin of the powerful over smaller interests, like voters.

If you thought Politico might be more interested in the truth after this catastrophe, you’re wrong. They’re going to help normalize the postpolitical and post-democratic world of Trump. It’s clearly begun.


This is on the same night that Trump met with media leaders, calling them out by name, and essentially threatening Katy Tur, then leaking the tenor of it. The threat was clear: obey, or be called out.

Update with example: check out this tweet, from tonight:

Prior to the election it was well known that I have interests in properties all over the world.Only the crooked media makes this a big deal!

It was, of course, the “crooked media” that failed to cover the web of interests that make this administration so inherently corrupt. There was some good work done on it, but it was buried under an avalanche of EMAILS nonsense. That’s how he got away with it. It must be surprising to see the media talking about it now.

It fits his character to be surprised that, as President-Elect, he’s getting more scrutiny for being a cheapjack penny-ante hustler with zero morality or ethics. But we’ll see if his attempt to shush the media by calling them crooked will work. Chances are, yes. There will be work done, but it is all about access.

He’s set the groundwork for a more compliant and scared media. We’ll see how they respond. If Politico is any indication, the majority will fall into line.

*Corrected from earlier version which said Art Bell, who, as Diamond Mark Perrone pointed out, is “Arthur William “Art” Bell, III (born June 17, 1945) is an American broadcaster and author known as one of the founders and the original host of the paranormal-themed radio program Coast to Coast AM.”. That sounds super rad, and we regret the mistake. Unless he is behind this all. 

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  1. Jesus. Thanks for making me shit my pants at work. I’m already on thin ice.

  2. I AM incontinent. And still single, ladies!

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