This Times Story on Mitch McConnell is Adorable


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Will Mitch McConnell govern with fairness and a sense of non-partisan decency, or continue to act as he has literally his entire career? The Times asks the big questions!

After spending the better part of last year getting to the bottom of Emailgate, the Times turns its eyes to Mitch McConnell, the now super-empowered head of the Senate, and asks a difficult question:

Hard Choice For Mitch McConnell: End the Filibuster or Preserve Tradition

Let me answer that for you: he’s going to end the filibuster.

The Times describes him as someone who believes strongly in traditions, somehow managing to reconcile that with his immediately blocking the President’s right to choose a Supreme Court justice, and also the completely unprecedented obstruction of Barack Obama’s entire Presidency. It also talks about how he was dismayed at Reid dismantling the judicial filibuster after their (again) unprecedented obstructions, as if it was a matter of principle, and not, say, petulance at not being able to continue their (again) unprecedented obstruction of the President’s rights.

So yeah, I think there is going to be one filibuster of bill or maybe when Trump nominates Michele Bachmann for the Supreme Court, and Mitch will appear on TV, and say that it with sadness that he has to do this, but the Democrats have no respect for Presidential prerogative, and are ignoring “President Trump’s overwhelming victory, and the will of the American people” (never mind that Trump lost that metric). And then the filibuster will be gone, and the media will say “well, the Democrats should have reached across the aisle!”

How do I know this? His entire career is based on mind-bending cynicism.

You know how I know the media will play ball? Because the Times quoted Mitch saying this:

“I think what the American people are looking for are results. And to get results in the Senate, as all of you know, it requires some Democratic participation and cooperation.”

And somehow the paper didn’t burst into flames.

At some point, the black-is-white cynicism can’t even be comprehended.


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