The Point, Nutshelled

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Not that you need any more proof that Donald Trump is the most unserious person ever to run for President (even counting Gary “Aleppo?” Johnson, who is mostly serious), but…

After months of laboring in obscurity and waiting on paychecks that did not arrive, most of Donald Trump’s Washington policy shop quit, with some telling theWashington Post they decided to jump ship after realizing the GOP nominee wasn’t interested in immersive debate prep.

Some staffers said the last straw came following two marathon sessions in early August to plan how to prepare Trump for the upcoming presidential debates, but the campaign abruptly shifted strategies. One former staffer told the paper, “The New York office realized that their candidate would not be receptive to that level of intense preparation.”

Not receptive. Because he has a very good brain, you know?

Saudi Arabia, Iran, and The Hajj: The Middle East’s Overwhelming Power Struggle and the US Election


I’m not saying that to be a successful President you have to understand what this map means. But you actually kind of do… (Image from

In which the ludicrous complexity of a region in historic transformation is nearly impossible to understand. 

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