Waukesha Diversion Week: What Waukesha Wants

Waukesha Diversion Week! Part I: The Great Lakes And the Future Water Wars Part II: Geology In Human Affairs   To the city of Waukesha, that unassuming Milwaukee suburb, the request seemed like a no-brainer, and coming as it did before the Great Lakes Compact was signed, seemed like a sure bet. The aquifer from […]

The Waukesha Diversion: The Great Lakes and the Future Water Wars

In 1998, a permit was accepted by the government of the Canadian province of Ontario, following a lightly-remarked-upon 30-day public comment session, to approve a ridiculous and pointless money-making scheme. This approval set in motion a multi-national effort to protect one of the great natural treasures of the world, one that could decide the future […]

Egypt “Not Ready” for Democracy: Notes on Authoritarianism, Climate Change, and America

(Note: the proprietor of this blog isn’t quite emotionally ready to handle the John Bolton appointment, except to say we’ve spent the week ruminating on the 15th anniversary of the one time Bolton unequivocably got his way.) As we round into Egypt’s presidential election, in which Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is running essentially unopposed (his one […]

Michigan Water Bill Sums Up War Against the Common Good in Great Lakes

Remember last week, when we had all those lovely pictures of the Great Lakes? And were happy? Well, that’s done with. There’s no more time for lazy beer-drinking bocce along a sun-kissed Lake Michigan shoreline*. The war against the lakes and against the common good as a whole continues apace.     (*There’s always time […]