Standing Rock Protestors and Enbridge Line 5: Water is Sacred, Even For Doofus Secular Modernists

Two years ago, protests at Standing Rock showed the power of a movement against the forces of unrestrained capitalism. Native protestors, joined soon by other allies, stood firm even in the biting bitter cold of the terrible northern Plains, trying to protect sacred sites and vitally important waterways against leaky pipelines built by shoddy, dishonest […]

Warlords of America

One of the more common hallmarks of what are referred to as “failed states” is the checkpoint. You’ve seen it, or read about it, or maybe experienced it while traveling in regions where the center failed to hold. A road blockade, manned by armed men, slowing and stopping cars. Picture it, if you want to […]

Risen Waters: The Books That Captured 2020

(Note: this is a more targeted piece, but I’ll do my “Favorite Books of 2020” tomorrow. There’s some overlap, of course) Books discussed: Afropessimism, Frank B Wilderson III A Children’s Bible, Lydia Millet Angry Weather, Friederike Otto (translated by Sarah Pybus) Empire of Wild, Cherie Dimaline The End of Everything (Astrophysically Speaking), Katie Mack High […]

EPA Replaces Scientists With Industry; Embraces Cartoon Villainy

    The phrase “you can’t make this up” is overused, since these days, all you have to do is imagine the worst possible idea being enacted by the worst possible people, and you have a pretty close approximation of reality. Right, NY Times? WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency has dismissed at least five members […]

Trump’s Pipeline Policies: As Bad As Everything Else They Do

How many pipeline spills do you think there were last year? Three? Ten? 85? Maybe you remember reading about a few, and think, well, things were pretty hectic last year, what with the dying-fish floparound of liberal democracy, so maybe I missed one here or there. There were, at least, 220 “significant” leaks220 “significant” leaks, when […]